4.1.1 - About BonusCloud

1.What is BonusCloud? And what is it used for?

BonusCloud aims to develop a decentralized, trustworthy global infrastructure platform combining Blockchain and cloud computing technology, which is the foundation for an open-ended shared ecosystem we endeavor to build.

By developing a global trading platform for the computing power, BonusCloud could effectively connect global computing resources such as present cloud computing platforms, enterprise data centers, personal computers and individual CPU/GPU/bandwidth. People with free resources can join the BonusCloud network by contributing their resources to get reward (platform token BxC), and those who need resources can purchase resources contributed by others with platform token BxC to meet their needs.

2.What is BxC? What is BxC used for?

BxC is the Token for the BonusCloud platform, used as rewards offered by the platform to the nodes which contribute resources, and users can purchase resources by BxC.

Based on the erc20 protocol, BxC can be traded and transferred via the ETH wallet.

Contract Address for BxC: 0xdeCF7Be29F8832E9C2Ddf0388c9778B8Ba76af43

3.What is total amount of BxC, and how are they distributed?

The total amount of BxC is 7,000,000,000 (7 Billion) Include: 1)30% for the institutions and strategic partners 2)40% for awards to miners (will be produced along with the new blockchains and dug daily within 4 years, with a daily amount of 1917808 BxC to be released to reward all the nodes in the network. 3)20% for the team 4)10% for the foundations and the ecological construction.

4.What is the price of private sale for BxC?

1 ETH : 100,000 BxC

The fundraising is completed entirely by ETH, which only corresponds to ETH and does not correspond to any legal currency.

5.How about the BxC’s lock-up situation?

1)Institutions and strategic partners: to be released 35% at the first public offering, and as to the rest 65%, to be released quarterly by an average amount within a year.

2)Rewards for mining: to be released averagely along with the new produced blocks within four years from the first block, every 24 hours 1917808 BxC to be released.

3)Team: to be released quarterly and averagely within 3 years.

6.Where can I trade the BxC?

The first public trade for BxC has already been proceeded in gate.io on Sept. 17, 2018, and will be other exchange platforms in the future.

7.Which factors will determine the price of BxC?

BonusCloud aims to offer enterprises a distributed cloud computing solution, with resources contributed by community users as network nodes. In BonusCloud network, BxC is used to purchase the resources, and the community nodes who contribute resources can obtain rewards through daily releases rewards along with new blocks. The more active and prosperous the multilateral network ecology is, the greater the GDP of the whole network will be, and the higher the unit price of BxC will be. Meanwhile, the more frequent the resources in the could computing network are used, the greater value of BxC will be.

The prosperity of the network nodes deeply depends on the contributions made by the community users, as a consequence, we warmly welcome more users to be part of the BonusCloud network and join with us to create the future of blockchain infrastructures.

8.How to join BonusCloud?

We are now in the step of internal test, and has opened for the public testing since October, 2018, with first public conduction of terminal (routers, Raspberry Pi, etc.) as nodes of Lite to join BonusCloud to contribute network resources such as bandwidth and computing power.

To guarantee the gains for the nodes who participate in the early stage during the public testing, it is necessary to activate the device with BonusCode to join the network.

9.What is BonusCode?

BonusCode is the certificate for nodes already joined BonusCloud testing network, contributed resources and obtained rewards, designed to guarantee rights and interests of every user of the nodes. Each BonusCode can activate a device to join the network, and only allowed once. Once the BonusCode picked, it will link directly to the account, not allowed to unbundle nor transfer.

10.How to get BonusCode?

After the launch of the public testing for the testing network of BonusCloud (Now in the stage of internal testing), users who want to join in can go to our official website to get BonusCode, and each account can get ten opportunities to get BonusCloud everyday. BonusCode is released in different periods, and each period with a certain amount. Once get BonusCode, it will be shown in the list of what you’ve got where is in the first page after logging in. Once the device activated, user can go to setting-hardware for the condition of the linkage between the BonusCode and the device.

11.How to activate the device once get the BonusCode?

The ways will be different according to the different types of devices, devices for Lite nodes in the internal testing stage are of devices of ARM v7 structure, including routers and Raspberry Pi etc.

More devices will be supported to join in the public testing stage. Please find the instructions for the activation via the updates published in the official forum of BonusCloud (https://bonuscloud.club).

12.Does BonusCloud sell specific devices?

No. BonusCloud's goal is to make the idle computing resources in the current market valuable, and will continuously develop more compatible devices models. Meanwhile, we do not limit third parties to offer services such as helping to install with image, but please be assured that the account linked to your devices for getting the rewards belongs to your own. ( Please kindly refer to the activation procedures for BonusCode), and we warmly welcome anyone who shows interets to help us to customize standard devices, to offer solutions as to facilitate the access for users.

13.Where are the resources provided by the nodes used?

BonusCloud will offer companies decentralized cloud computing solutions, of which resources are contributed by the nodes. Business parties as our clients will use the resources of BonusCloud by paying BxC, part of which will offer to the nodes as task rewards.

BonusCloud will offer services for the business parties such as:

a.Performance monitoring and stress testing

b.P2P Computing and cloud storage

c.VPN edge access d.IoT data aggregation analysis

e.Public chain carrying

etc. (Please see details in White Paper)

14. Where can I know more about BonusCloud?

Official website:https://bonuscloud.io/

Official forum: https://bonuscloud.club/




Telegram (Chinese) :https://t.me/bonuscloudcn

Telegram (Russian Speaking Community)https://t.me/BonusCloud_Russia