4.1.2 - About Revenue

1.How to get rewards?

Mining Revenue ( for networking/computing tasks)

a. Online revenue: nodes that keep online status will get BxC as rewards

b. Networking tasks: BonusCloud will allocate BxC to the nodes that keep stable online status and provide networking resources according to task completion performance in certain block of every certain amount of blocks. Routers and development boards can undertake networking tasks. By default, among the devices shared in the same IP, only one device will be allocated to undertake networking task and other devices can only get rewards for online contribution.

c. Computing tasks (not launched yet): Devices such as N1, Raspberry Pi and NanoPi after installing images can provide computing resources for corresponding task, the parties who need the resources have to pay BxC, and the nodes that contribute resources will get rewards according to the amount and the quality of the task completion.

Invitation Revenue

Please see the details including invitation mechanism and the corresponding rewards in FAQ 4.

Developers Revenue

In the future, DApp developers will be better supported to develop DApps based on the BonusCloud network for demanders to gain more revenue.

2.How much reward can I get assumably?

Blocks will produce 79,908 BxCs per hour in UTC time, which are distributed to all network nodes according to the online conditions of the nodes. The rewards of a single node depend on the stability of the network and the amount of nodes in the current network.

Total rewards

• Total rewards: 7,000,000,000 * 40% = 2,800,000,000 BxC

• Reward settlement period: UTC time 60 minutes

• UTC Time The total hourly reward is: Total(RT) = 79,908 BxC

Network task reward algorithm

• Contribution of a certain network device P = (online stability contribution Po + task contribution Pw) α β

• Let the user be x, with n devices, and there are m users in the whole network, then the account contribution of user x is Px = P1+P2+P3+...+Pn, and the total contribution of users of the whole network is PT = Px1 +Px2+Px3+...+Pxm

• So UTC time user x reward per hour Rx = (Px / PT) RT (100% - 1%) (1% of platform technology service fee per transaction)

Among them

• Po=Online time (minutes) for a single deviceKo, as the online stability weight system (currently Ko = 1)

• Pw=single device task minutesKw, Kw is the task weight coefficient (Kw = 9 under network task, the calculation task will increase the weight of CPU, storage, etc.)

• α is a mining factor calculated by hash, distributed between 0.95 and 1.05, expected to be 1

• RT = 79,908

Algorithm of task reward calculation

pending upgrade

3.How to check my obtained gains? And how to withdraw them into legal currency?

After the launch of the public testing, users can log in in the official website of BonusClod to check the obtained gains of your node(s). The days of the gains will be updated along with the certain new produced blocks. The gains accumulated up certain amount, users can withdraw BxC into your own ETH wallet for transaction.

4.How is the invitation mechanism and the corresponding rewards?

Apart from the rewards for mining, BonusCloud also offers rewards for invitation by the nodes.

Every user can generate his own invitation link through the BonusCloud official website. Once user B clicks the invitation link of user A, completes the registration process and begins to mine, user A can get additionally rewards of the amount equivalent to 1% of the rewards for mining of user B as invitation rewards.

The invitation rewards of BxC are to be released by the BonusCloud Foundation, which makes no impact on the rewards of the users invited by previous user.

5. How to exchange BxC into curreny?

Please see the guide in the following link: